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Our Services

We provide legal support services for attorneys and individuals in Los Angeles, Orange & Ventura counties. We service all federal and state, civil and criminal courts in this area.

Case Filings

We can file new cases or make additional filings on existing cases.

The standard turn-around time 5 business days. We also provide a rush service for documents which must filed immediately.

You can mail, fax or email your documents to our office. We can also arrange for courier pick-up in cases when originals must be filed.

File Retrieval

We can retrieve copies of entire cases, or specific documents from a particular case (such as motions or judgments).

We can also perform:

  • Record & Index Searches
  • Criminal & Civil Histories
  • Federal & State Tax Filings/Liens
  • Service Of Process

Archived Cases

Depending on the court, cases older than 10 to 25 years may be archived in off-site locations and not available for immediate public access.

We can locate which archive has your case and retrieve copies of required documents.

The turn-around time for this service varies greatly depending on the court and the age of the case.

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Phone: (888) 469-4701 · (818) 600-1947

Address: 111 E Cedar Ave #202
Burbank, CA 91502